March 16, 2017 – Philippines as a Field Site: Research Reflections

Scholars who recently returned from carrying out field research in the Philippines will share their experiences, challenges, and insights in an intimate workshop setting to stimulate dialogue, develop new lenses, and foster a multidisciplinary approach to Philippine related studies.

Filipino Farmers as Participants in Climate Resilience Research

Amber Heckelman, a PhD Candidate in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, will present her use of participatory methods in carrying out climate resilience research among small-holder rice farmers.

Anthropology of the Hometown: The Anthropologist as Returning Absentee Resident

Dada Docot, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, will reflect on the intertwined metaphors of decay of the home and of the absence of a house’s residents in the age of global migration.

Provisional Province: Refiguring the “Filipino” Hospitality at the Interstices

James “Gym” Pangilinan, a PhD Student in Geography, will discuss history and politics of Palawan as it relates to Philippine nationalism and its significance as the “last frontier” in the Philippines.

The Poetics of Tambay: Hanging Out with the Lolas

Karla Comanda, a MFA student in Creative Writing, will share her experiences conducting research on her own family and the life narratives of surviving comfort women.

The forgotten archives of “big data” on 20th Century Filipino mass media audiences
Teilhard Paradela, a PhD Candidate in History, will recount his experiences in visiting neglected and unwanted archives in Metro Manila.

Join us for a dynamic discussion. Food and refreshments will be provided. Due to limited space, please RSVP to


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