Anthropologifs @ Mabini Projects (April 6-May 5, 2018)

Some pieces from my Anthropologifs series are appearing at a group show curated by Kristofer Ardeña. The exhibit opens tomorrow at the Mabini Gallery in Manila.

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Text from the Gallery:

/Conversations/Positions/ is a series of exhibitions guest-curated by artist-curators: artists who curate. MABINI PROJECTS invites artist-curators who are also part of collectives, artist-run- spaces, transitory spaces and temporary alliances to explore the interconnections between artistic/curatorial practices, ideas and spaces. The second exhibition for the series will be presented by Photoma, a platform that investigates the panorama of Philippine photography within contemporary art. The exhibition opens on April 6 and will run until the 5th of May 2018.

Photoma is an open investigation of the panorama of Philippine photography within contemporary art, and it serves as a portal for experimentation and critical perspectives in photographic practices. It aims to benefit artists, institutions, curators, art historians, gallerists, collectors, academics and the general public.



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