Baad ng Pauno (Restless)
Statement: One of my great-aunts has been refused an American tourist visa five times. Auntie Ding, my mother’s sister — three times. My mother — once. I have a five-year U.S. visa, which I received in Japan while studying at the University of Tokyo. In this film, my mother, accompanied by Auntie Ding, travels to Manila, 400 kilometers west of our hometown. She comes, however, not for mere leisure, but to fulfill a dream — to receive a visa that will allow her to visit her newly born first grandson in the United States. Shot only in two days using a camcorder, the documentary follows my mother as she gets ready for the big interview, preparing to perform a “legitimate identity” that will enable her to cross national borders. This film is a part of an ongoing multi-media project that discusses issues on identity and space in relation to international mobility.

Selected screenings:
  • Worldwide Television Broadcast with GMA Channel’s Filipino Life TV “Indie Block”, in cooperation with the Indio Bravo Foundation. July 2010.
  • Installation piece for “After the Fact” (50th anniversary show), Lopez Memorial Museum, Philippines. February to September 2010.
  • CineAlternativo Regional Film Festival, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines. January 2009.
  • Installation piece for “Deleted Scenes,” Lopez Memorial Museum, Quezon City, Philippines. November 2009 to January 2010 (with Sari Dalena, Al Manrique, and Lyle Buencamino, curated by Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez)
  • Asian Women’s Film Festival, Berlin, Germany. October 2009.
  • Outsider Cinema from the Philippines, Union Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, USA. October 2009 (with Khavn dela Cruz and Raya Martin, curated by Ruelo Zendo)



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