Panalangin Para sa Pinatay ni Marcos

Co-written by UBC poets Karla Lenina Comanda (UBC Main) and Rina Garcia Chua (UBC Okanagan), the “Padasal” is a reformulation of the prayers recited and performed in the Philippines to honour the departed. But the late dictator is not among our beloved, and the UBC PSS firmly believes that he does not deserve to be laid to rest with the rest of the Philippines’ real heroes. Therefore, in the case of the “Padasal,” the ills and excesses of the Marcoses are recited, while the names and courage of those killed, tortured to death, and disappeared, during the Martial Law period in the Philippines are repeatedly invoked. By remembering the names of the martyrs of Martial Law, we seek to re-inscribe into our memory the sacrficies they have done, so that our will for action may be strengthened and our commitment to continue the struggle be re-affirmed.


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