Sunday (E)scapes (to be released in 2010, approximately 30 min.), appropriates Appadurai’s (1990) concept of ethnoscapes, particularly the domestic workers in Hong Kong. The film shows images from several Sundays in Hong Kong when female Filipino domestic workers are temporarily able to transform the urbanity of Hong Kong’s business district into their own private spaces similar to home. Akin to fiestas or festivals, events by Filipinos in Hong Kong during Sundays are not random, and, in fact, if one observes closely, from the “chaos” emerges a blueprint of the rituals, intricacies and performances of the self and citizenship/nationhood.

Languages: Filipino and Bicol.
Duration: 30 mins
Expected Date of Release: June 2010

Selected Screenings (previews):

Upcoming: as Video installation in Nothing to Declare. Curated exhibition at the Yuchengco Museum, Makati City, Philippines. Sept 2011

As video installation, Heima, Cubao X, Philippines. Aug 2010

Screening and Discussion, Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore. Feb 2010.

Screening and Discussion, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria. Feb. 1, 2010.

Talk and Screening, The Visual as Research Material: Documenting Spaces andEveryday Performances in Filipino International Migration. Special Seminar, University of Tokyo , Komaba Campus. September 2009.

Talk and Screening, STAC-J Graduate Research Forum. Tokyo International Exchange Center, September 2009.


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