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Refereed Chapters

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Journal Article Under Revision

Docot, Dada and Matthew C. Go. Grave Reverberations: COVID-19 and Postcolonial Sanitation Regimes in the Philippines. 


In Progress

Docot, Dada. “Filipino Teachers’ Multiple Exposures to Precarity in China.” TBA.


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Open-Access Doctoral Manuscript

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Book Chapters

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Public-facing Essays

Docot, Dada. “Anthropology, Empire, and Philippine Studies into Conversations about Conflict, Security, and Human Rights,” Tokyo College Blog, August 3, 2022. LINK

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Invited Art Writing

Docot, Dada. “By What Signs.” Franz Kaka Gallery, Toronto, Canada, June 2018. Download

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Unpublished Manuscripts

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Docot, Dada. 2003. “From Dusk to Dawn: Returned Filipino Women from Japan,” Department of Journalism, University of the Philippines.

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